The Making of a Legend

Share with friends and family, we have for many years and now we get to share it with the world. Our CRAFT SALSA exceeds the expectations of seasoned salsa lovers. Explore bold, flavor-packed, colorful creations of a CRAFT SALSA that will leave you craving the legendary taste.

Shawn Elliott, the owner of Legends CRAFT SALSA, has a passion for entertaining and creating an experience through food and spirits. His fusions come with a full-bodied flavor and boldness that makes you keep wanting more. For years, friends across the states would ask him to bring the salsa to parties and events, and now is the time to widen the audience, to share the experience by launching this CRAFT SALSA to the salsa market.

“I want it to be impactful and I hope to impact others to leave a legacy, that you can do good things when you have passion and drive. “